Thursday, 3 March 2011

AQL and Asterisk Freepbx inbound IAX settings

After spending a lot of time trying to get my new freebpx installation working with inbound calls from AQL I thought it best to document my settings for anyone else out there.

IAX2 Trunk settings
Trunk desc : aql
Outbound caller id : {IAX Caller ID provided by AQL}
CID options : Allow Any CID
--Outgoing settings--
Trunk name : aql
PEER Details:
username={username provided by AQL}
secret={outbound secret provided by AQL}
--Incoming settings--
User context : {username provided by AQL}
username={username provided by AQL}
secret={outbound secret provided by AQL}

The requirecalltoken and context bit kept catching me out.

Once I installed the Asterisk Log freepbx module it was blatently obvious what the problem was when I viewed the log.

[Mar 3 10:35:10] ERROR[3338] chan_iax2.c: Call rejected, CallToken Support required. If unexpected, resolve by placing address x.x.x.x in the calltokenoptional list or setting user username requirecalltoken=no

You'll need to setup an inbound route for the numbers you're expecting calls on and then these inbound routes need pointing at extensions or ring groups etc.

My inbound route settings
Description : Name of person
DID Number : {IAX Caller ID provided by AQL}
Set Destination : Select extension


  1. Thank you for this post.
    However, do you have your Outbound working?
    I am having the hardest time getting the outbound calls to work.

    Thank you for any info

  2. I Finally figured it out. aql support forget to give me one of the serveral passwords requred to get this thing up and running. I am including my configuration as below. I hope it is able to help others:

    AQL IAX Trunk on Asterisk with FreePBX:

    INbound Secret: 2......3 (8 digits long?)
    OUTbound Secret: 2......b (8 digits long?) / OUTbound Username: unique (unique length)
    Trunk 44203......1 = Trunk Username: 2....3(6 digits long?) Trunk Password: 1...3 (5 digits long)

    (User's Extension must not have a caller ID, because it is being passed to aql, which I think is a bug on the version of Asterisk that I am using. You should theoretically be able to Disable the extension's Caller ID pass through with the Trunks "Never Override CallerID" setting)
    ------- Trunk Configuration --------
    Outbound Caller ID:

    -- Outgoing Trunk PEER Details: --
    username=OUTbound Username
    secret=OUTbound Secret
    -- USER Context: Trunk Username
    -- USER Details: ---
    username=Trunk Username
    secret=INbound Secret
    -- Register String: --

    --------- Outbound Routing ----------
    -- Dial Patterns: --
    9|. (This forces us to dial a 9, in order to use the UK line)
    -- then config the Trunk Sequence as you wish.
    ---------- Inbound Routing ------------
    DID Number: Trunk Username
    Set Destination: (set as you wish)

  3. for some reason the Outbound Caller ID setting disapeard abouve, and this is a critical setting:

    Outbound Caller ID: set to the trunk username

  4. Just found this. Very useful.

    Any idea if it's still in date as i'm having issues connecting outgoing on v14.0.1.20 FreePBX

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